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My broody brain has taken over! With friends and family welcoming tiny bundles of joy into the world over the last couple of weeks, and after spending a lovely day yesterday working in a baby room; I though I would post some of my favourite toys and resources for baby play!

In no particular order:

  1. Mirrors – this might be an obvious one but it’s amazing how much stimulation and enjoyment a little one can get out of looking at themselves in a mirror. Try different shapes and sizes.
  2. Scarves and soft materials – whether you’re waving them, stroking them onto baby’s skin or playing peek-a-boo, materials and fabrics are wonderful for all kinds of games and enjoyment.
  3. Brushes –¬†Stroking, brushing and squashing are all wonderful kinds of sensory experiences¬†to be had from playing with brushes such as a clean toothbrush or hairbrush.
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    Pots, pans and spoons – not only fun for putting things in and taking them out again, these metal resources can make fab (read as “loud”) noises when banged together.

  5. Foods – baby safe food can be a great invitation to play and can help to encourage those young children who are beginning to try new foods.
  6. Stacking/ sorting toys.
  7. Play cups, teapots, babies – and all kinds of resources that allow children to imitate those adults that they see around them.
  8. Noisy toys – toys that sing songs, squeak, rattle (and are the cause of many a headache to us grown ups) wont fail to be engaging and attractive to little ones.
  9. Discovery bottles – fill pop bottles with water and glitter/food colouring/ beads/ conkers/whatever else takes your fancy and seal it up tight. Then let the children explore by shaking, turning and watching.
  10. The most import one of course is YOU! No amount of beautiful toys or environments can give a baby the stimulation and joy that you can. Don’t forget how important you are and what a fantastic job you’re doing!

Lots of the above toys and items can be made into treasure baskets. HERE is a wonderful article explaining the value of heuristic play and the link with treasure baskets. There are also more ideas for you to explore so I recommend you give it a read!

N.B. please do ensure that any resources that you add to your treasure baskets or baby play areas are child safe and appropriate for your baby’s age and stage.

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Hope everyone has a fantastic week!