Past chats


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Here you can find the ‘Storify’ logs of past chats.

Supporting Language Development (28th September 2016)

Parental Involvement (5th October 2016)

Autumn Activity Ideas (12th October 2016)

Questioning and Communication (19th October 2016)


Settling in and New Starts (11th January 2017)

Managing Group Times (17th January 2017)

Creativity – Guest Host @EmmaRyan2313 (25th January 2017)

Developing Early Numeracy (1st February 2017)

Invitations to Play (8th February 2017)

Gender Stereotypes – Guest hosts @katrebel1 and @Dawnhansford (15th February 2017)

Children’s Mental Health (1st March 2017)

Teaching Abstract Concept (15th March 2017)

Partnership with Parents – Guest host @EmmaRyan2313 (22nd March 2017)

Reading in the Early Years (29th March 2017)

Transitions (19th April 2017)

Inducting New Staff (26th April 2017)

All About Play (10th May 2017)

Resilience (17th May 2017)

Supporting EAL – Guest host J_Forecast28 (24th May 2017)

Supporting Siblings (7th June 2017)

Early Writing and Mark Making – Guest Host @BusyBeesLedbury (21st June 2017)

The Impact of Screen Time (27th September 2017)

Autumn Play and Learning (4th October 2017)

Assessment in the Early Years (11th October 2017)

Ideas for Classroom Displays (25th October 2017)

Child-led vs Adult-led Play – Guest Host J_Forecast28 (1st November 2017)

Partnerships with Parents – Guest Host @EmmaDee77 (15th November 2017)

Fostering a Kind and Caring Classroom Environment (22nd November 2017)

Gender Discrimination and Stereotypes – Guest Host @Booky_Lillz (29th November 2017)


Assessment in the Early Years (24th January 2018)

Reading in the Early Years (31st January AND 7th February 2018)