Advent Activities (23rd December)

We made it to the weekend! And what’s even more exciting is that it’s Christmas Eve Eve! Today’s activity is all about description, so using loads of wonderful language.

Feely stocking game


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This game is really simple! All you need to do is find some items or toys that have an interesting feel. These can be anything: a spoon, a candy cane, a toy car…

Pop one item into a stocking (in secret) and allow the child to reach inside and feel it. They mustn’t take it out or peek!! Encourage them to talk about what they can feel – is it hard or soft? Is it bumpy or smooth? Is it round or flat?

At the end of the game the child needs to have a guess as to what the item is, and then they can take it out and see if they were right!

Then you simply put a new item into the stocking and let the next child (or the same one if you’re playing with just one) have a feel!


Have fun!!




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