Little Chatter Boxes

Last week’s #childcarehour was all about supporting Language Development in children.

It was a brilliant chat with so many great points and discussion! Please click on the image below for a link to the ‘Storify’ where you may read all of the tweets.


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Some of the points that were raised:

  • Language development covers making sounds (which eventually develop into words), listening, looking and mark making.
  • PLAY and following the children’s interests are the best way to develop these skills (as with all skills!)


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  • Questioning can be very effective, but it needs to be used carefully so that it is not false and doesn’t take away from real, genuine interactions.
  • We all love stories!!
  • Singing and music can help to develop rhythm, rhyme, intonation etc
  • Reading or singing together can also build those all important bonds with the children.
  • It’s vital to provide activities and environments that are stimulating and engaging.
  • And we all felt that children do not need to be formally ‘taught’ letter formation and writing (at the early years stage) – rather, we should be providing opportunities for the children to explore and develop the underlying skills of fine motor and co-ordination.

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Do you have any comments/ ideas that you’d like to share? Join the discussion using the hashtag #childcarehour!


P.S. I wrote a post on my University blog about how one might use a picture book in the classroom. If you are interested, please take a look HERE.



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